A unique assistant to help you manage your fuel station’s operations

Petro-Station software allows fuel station automation to monitor operations and have greater control over the entire activities in their fueling stations. With Petro-Station, users can save their time and effectively manage all issues, such as staff and machines’ performance, income and costs and fuel tanks’ inventory. This is an amazing cloud-based system that enables fuel station automation to do their managing tasks whenever and wherever they want to!

Fuel management

This feature allows station owners to order the needed amount of fuel online, and track their order status, such as the time of loading or sending, at any time. The stations can also manage the exact amount of bought and delivered product without the need to do any manual calculations.

Shift management

Generally, filling stations have 2 or 3 working shifts; the station owners can easily and without limitations in numbers, create their shifts in the system according to the working hours, and manage all operations. In addition, the users are able to explore information about each available product separately.

Staff management

The station owner is able to register all the personnel with different access levels on the system. For example, the financial officer will have access to the financial reports, and the system’s manager to the working shifts. Furthermore, it is possible to manage the daily or monthly sales rate of each worker according to different product types.


Complex operations are manageable all together, and managers are able to observe or verify the stations’ reports simultaneously or on a daily / monthly basis. These reports which include details about the fuel tanks, products and each workers’ sales amount, are being stored and ready to be presented to the oil company.

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