The software which turns your distribution processes into smart ones

Petro360 is a software which enables oil and gas companies to make their fuel distribution processes smart through information systems, concerning to reduce the operating costs. By applying this system, companies can manage their operations such as fuel distribution, supply and transportation online, and also remotely monitor fuel tanks’ inventory of client stations. Petro360 values customers a great deal, that it uses CRM feature to help companies hear their customers’ voice.

Gas stations management

To become any distribution company’s client, station owners can easily submit their request through the system; then the distribution companies are able to manage the process online. This feature facilitates the clients’ registration processes.

Branches management

The distribution companies can observe their total branches across all regions and also give access to these branches in order to make them capable of monitoring their own client stations and be more productive.

Online fuel ordering

Client stations of a distribution company are able to easily order their needed fuel through the system and also do the payments. In addition, the distribution companies have the possibility of managing and controlling online orders at any time.


The charts presented by this system significantly facilitate the reporting processes for distribution companies. These companies will be able to simultaneously monitor their client stations’ activities, online orders and fuel sales throughout the region.